Overview of Snapshot

The Black Dog Snapshot mobile phone app is designed to help you to keep track of your mental wellbeing.
Designed by researchers at the Black Dog Institute, Snapshot is a confidential, password-protected tool that enables you to measure and monitor your mental health and wellbeing. It is designed for use among Australian adults.

By assessing your general happiness, mood, and anxiety, as well as work stress, sleep, social support and alcohol intake, this app provides general feedback and options for online and offline help-seeking services in Australia.
Data inputs are not shared with any third parties and the Black Dog Institute regularly reviews and updates the app content. The feedback provided is based on comparisons with Australian population data including The Black Dog Index. Resources for help include evidence-based interventions where possible.


Every year, approximately one in five Australians will experience a mental illness. Anxiety and depression are common. Individuals experiencing mental illness are much more likely to take time off work and have problems in other areas of their life.

Sadly, only one third of people seek professional help for their mental health problems, with men much less likely to seek help than women. Instead, many people prefer to seek help and information about mental health on the internet.

The use of the internet, and in particular, internet-enabled mobile phones, has surged in Australia. A growing number of Australians use their mobile phone to access the internet, with many accessing it more than once a day. Mobile phones apps are also commonly used. However, very few evidence-based apps for mental health are currently available.

Project Aims

This project aims to develop an evidence-based application that would allow Australian adults to monitor their mental health and wellbeing using their mobile phone. By providing individuals with feedback and resources, we wished to increase users’ knowledge of their mental health and encourage help-seeking behaviour.

Program type

Mobile App


The Black Dog Institute is committed to improving the lives of those with mental illness.

Given that a large number of Australians are likely to encounter a mental health problem in themselves, friends, family members or workmates, increasing access to services and knowledge of mental health issues is important.

The Snapshot will assist Australian adults to better understand their mental health by encouraging them to monitor it over time and engage with services when necessary.

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Bridianne O’Dea
Helen Christensen
Amy Chan
Jacinto Santamaria
Matthew Johnstone


– Black Dog Institute
– NHMRC John Cade Fellowship APP1056964

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