The school is an ideal environment to deliver prevention programs at appropriate transitions. This program aims to deliver prevention programs through games, apps and websites, and to bring together information from social media, self report, genetics and pervasive devices to develop a rich data set for the future.


The TriPoD Project

Investigates the effectiveness of a universal prevention intervention for major depression disorder in adolescence prior to a major stressor.

"The Internet offers unprecedented opportunities to recruit individuals to research trials (a major problem given the low base rate), and to disseminate interventions if these are found to be effective. Moreover, individuals at risk of suicide are proportionately more likely to be online compared to non-suicidal individuals and also most are unlikely to seek help."

− Helen Christensen, Executive Director, Black Dog Institute

"Apps can provide the means to overcome several barriers to help seeking, including cost, poor access to mental health services, fears about anonymity and stigma (the ‘shame factor’)."

− Dr Fiona Shand, Research Fellow, Black Dog Institute, UNSW