BITEBACK – An online tool to help young people cope with the stress of current world events

By July 22, 2014 Press release, Programs No Comments

As we are bombarded with distressing news stories this week, a new evidence-based online tool called BITEBACK from the Black Dog Institute can help young people cope with the pressures of life.

Recent research shows that a significant surge of young Australians report the early symptoms of mental illness, and many others are struggling to cope.

Unfortunately, the constant exposure to traumatic world events such as those we are currently experiencing is likely to increase feelings of stress, anxiety and hopelessness in young people.

A new Black Dog Institute website called BITEBACK has been designed specifically to support young people and help them build defences against stressful events such as those we are currently seeing in the news.

According to lead researcher and Clinical Psychologist A/Prof Vijaya Manicavasagar, BITEBACK teaches young people the psychological tools to effectively deal with the negative aspects of life.

“BITEBACK is based around Positive Psychology, a branch of psychology that focusses on the prevention of poor mental health rather than treatment of existing illness.

“This means it is particularly suitable for young people, and evidence shows that engaging with a Positive Psychology program can ameliorate the early signs of poor mental health.

“BITEBACK contains a number of modules that empowers users to manage their own happiness by teaching them to identify what makes them happy and empowering them to participate fully in life.

“Activities include mindfulness meditation, identifying values and passions and sharing stories and images with others.”

“Naturally, the site has been designed in partnership with young people to ensure maximum relevancy and accessibility.”

BITEBACK is the world’s first evidence-based Positive Psychology program for young people. Funded by the Australian Government, BITEBACK is freely available 24/7 across Australia at

Interviews with A/Prof Vijaya Manicavasagar are available. Contact Gayle McNaught on 0401625905 or for more information.